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Waterproofing Chimney in Natick

waterproofing chimney natick

Last week in Natick RonJon Chimney Sweep water proofed a severely leaky chimney!

RonJon used a membrane sealing material for the crown seal, a properly measured cap of 304L stainless steel 114"×32×12" with a 5" overhang, an elastomeric flashing sealant and chimney saver H2O proofing repellent.

If your chimney is leaking give RonJon Chimney Sweep a call for the solution!


Chimney Stainless Steel Liner for Oil Heating System Repair in Metrowest MA

This week at Ron Jon Chimney Sweep our blog is featuring an improper installation and servicing of a 304 stainless steel liner for oil heating system. To start 316ti stainless steel liner for oil heating system should be used NOT 304.  Also the termination at the smoke  pipe to liner should be terminated with tee and snout.  RonJon Chimney Sweep only uses 316ti for oil and gas heating appliances AND for solid fuel burning (fireplace, wood stove venting). If you are unsure about your chimney's makeup and want a qualified CSIA certified chimney professional to inspect please call RonJon Chimney Sweep today!


Replaced Chimney Cover Stops Water Damage To Home In Framingham Massachusetts

This week at RonJon Chimney Sweep we encountered a home in Framingham Massachusetts with a deteriorated chase cover for the chimney. The chimney was leaking lots of water into the home's bedroom. RonJon fixed the issue by sealing the top from water using current chimney products and technology and then installing a 304L stainless steel Hip N Ridge style beautiful cap. This cap's specializes in keeping water out and it also looks great and stylish for the home!


Chimney and Oil Flue Repair in Hopkinton MA

This month at RonJon Chimney Sweepers we visited a home in Hopkinton MA with an oil and gas heating system flue that was completely damaged and falling apart.  RonJon Chimney Sweep dropped in a UL listed 316ti stainless steel liner so our customer can enjoy safe and proper venting of oil heating appliances. If you have any questions regarding your chimney , fireplace , or oil and gas heating system and live in the Metrowest Massachusetts area like us on Facebook and give us a call today!


Elastomeric Flashing Sealant For A Chimney In Natick MA

This month the team at Ron Jon Chimney Sweep inspected a customers chimney in Natick MA.  Right away we noticed that the customer's lead flashing seal was faltering and all chewed up. We applied an elastomeric flashing sealant to repair it and now the customer has a reliable, strong, water resistant, nice looking flash seal! If you live in Natick,  Framingham or any of the local surrounding Metrowest cities/towns and have a question or concern about your chimney or fireplace give us a call today!

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