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Chimney Repairs in local Framingham MA Home

Ron Jon Chimney Sweep recently completed work in a home in Framingham. We installed a 316ti stainless steel liner for a Buderous brand oil boiler. Also our team repointed & replaced 3 courses of brick, a new crown, and a 304L stainless steel cap. After RonJon Chimney Sweep completed all the necessary chimney work, a new roof was installed for the home too!

Chimney Waterproofing and Repointing in Framingham Massachusetts

This past week Ron Jon Chimney Sweep visited a house in Framingham Massachusetts to work on another full chimney waterproofing with a little brick n mortar repointing. Our team used a measured and fabricated stainless steel cap, elastomeric flashing sealants, H20 chimney water repellent, and a crown seal to complete the job. If your home has H20 coming into the house through the chimney, or haven’t had your chimney inspected and you aren’t sure ... please call RonJon Chimney Sweep to stop it!!!

Another Leaking Roof!

Framingham leaking roof chimney New roof and flashing, but still leaking.... last week in Framingham RonJon Chimney Sweep did an elastomeric flashing sealant and Chimney saver H2O proofing on a chimney that had been worked on. If water is coming in via the chimney stack and you want it rectified, then please call RonJon Chimney Sweep

Fixing a Leaky Chimney in Framingham

Framingham Chimney Repair Last week in Framingham RonJon Chimney Sweep did an elastomeric flashing sealant for a home that had water coming through bedroom ceiling. Elastomeric flashing sealants are flexable, water resistant,  environmentally friendly solutions for leaky flashing.

Waterproofing Chimney in Natick

waterproofing chimney natick

Last week in Natick RonJon Chimney Sweep water proofed a severely leaky chimney!

RonJon used a membrane sealing material for the crown seal, a properly measured cap of 304L stainless steel 114"×32×12" with a 5" overhang, an elastomeric flashing sealant and chimney saver H2O proofing repellent.

If your chimney is leaking give RonJon Chimney Sweep a call for the solution!

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